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    ※ Medal Winner



    Snowflake Bentley  illustrated by Mary Azarian; text by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (Houghton Mifflin).

    'Snowflake Bentley,' winner of the Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book, was published by Houghton Mifflin Company. The book takes children back to the days when farmers worked with ox and sled and cut the dark with lantern light. It introduces Wilson Bentley, a boy who loved snow more than anything in the world and is determined that one day his camera would capture the extraordinary and unique beauty of snowflakes. Committee Chair Barbara Barstow said, ''Snowflake Bentley' has a beautiful and thoughtful design, a poetic and informative text, distinguished illustrations, universal appeal and resonance. Mary Azarian, a Vermont artist who loves snow as much as Wilson Bentley, has created strong and skillfully carved woodcuts that portray sensible, sturdy characters and a timeless rural landscape.'


    ※ Honor Books


    Duke Ellington   illustrated by Brian Pinkney / Text: Andrea Davis Pinkney (Hyperion)

    In this brief recounting of the life of Duke Ellington, one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, Brian Pinkney's illustrations float off the page, filled with color and movement. You are able to feel the music with every turn of the page.


    No, David!  by David Shannon (Blue Sky/Scholastic)

    Five-year-old David is always doing things he should not be doing. 'No, David!' is his mother's constant refrain. David Shannon portrays in colorful, lively, and action-filled illustrations everything that got him into trouble as a child.




    Snow  by Uri Shulevitz (Farrar Straus Giroux)

    The radio says, 'No snow': the television says 'No snow.' But in this charming tale, as snowflakes slowly come down one by one, a small boy and his dog delight in the whimsical changes snow brings to the city. Uri Shulevitz conveys in muted ink drawings and washes the exhuberance that comes with a new snowfall.




    Tibet : Through the Red Box  by Peter Sís (Farrar Straus Giroux)

    In this very personal book, Peter Sís shares with us a glimpse into his exquisite world of dreams and memories. Beautifully detailed drawings tell the story of the illustrator's discovery of a red box that holds the secrets and treasures his father brought back with him from a journey to Tibet.


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