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  • 1998 Caldecott Medal Winner
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  • 작성자 : 임해영
  • 등록일 : 2015-07-01
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    ※ Medal Winner


    Rapunzel  retold and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky (Dutton). 

    Zelinsky retells the story based on the familiar Grimm's folktale as well as earlier French and Italian sources.

    In describing Zelinsky's work, 1998 Caldecott Committee chair John Stewig said, 'Richly detailed oil paintings convey dramatic emotions and feature distinctive architecture, lush landscapes and authentic costuming of Renaissance Italy. Classically beautiful illustrations portray this complex love story which can be appreciated on many levels and by all ages.'


    ※ Honor Books



    The Gardener illustrated by David Small / Text: Sarah Stewart (Farrar)

    Water color, ink and pastel illutrations, combined with letters home, tell the story of Lydia Grace Finch, a young depression era heroine. She transforms her curmudgeonly uncle and his dreary urban neighborhood with her rooftop garden. 'From end page to end page, Small's use of color, light, line and perspective interprets the letters and adds new dimensions to them. The illustrations are distinguished in their emotional content. The masterful intergration of text and art will make this a perennial favorite.'




    Harlem illustrated by Christopher Myers / text: Walter Dean Myers (Scholastic, Inc.)

    Christopher Myers uses ink, gouache, and cut-paper collage to interpret his father's ode to Harlem. A kaleidoscope of words and images leads the reader on a musical journey filled with sass and swing. 'Myers has chosen the perfect media to depict the sights, sounds, and smells of Harlem. Fragments of newsprint, photographs, catalogs, and magazines form bodies imbued with life and emotion and scenes that pulse with the strong sense of place.'



    There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly  by Simms Taback (Viking)

    The popular American folk song of the old woman with an insatiable taste for life is served up in a fresh presentation. The reader is treated to an insider's view of her progressively excessive appetite through expanding die-cut peepholes to the inevitable climax. 'A tour de force in innovative book illustration and design; the art is kinetic using mixed media and collage elements and enhanced by glossy black backgrounds.' 


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