• 1994 Caldecott Medal Winner
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    1994 Caldecott Medal Winner 


    Grandfather's Journey, by Allen Say (Houghton).

    Grandfather's Journey eloquently portrays a Japanese immigrant's travels to a new land. Exquisite watercolors portray vast landscapes along with intimate family portraits that communicate hope, dignity, sadness, and love. Say powerfully connects the personal and the universal to create a rare harmony of longing and belonging.




    1994 Caldecott Honor Books



    Peppe the Lamplighter illustrated by Ted Lewin / Text by Elisa Bartone (Lothrop)

    Lewin vividly captures the bustling market scenes, bleak tenement rooms, and the lamplit streets of turn-of-the-century New York's Little Italy. Dramatic watercolors portray young Peppe's struggle to help support his immigrant family and to win his father's respect.




    In the Small, Small Pond  by Denise Fleming (Holt)

    Bright colors and lively language describe the cycle of pond life. Rhyming alliterative text and vibrant illustrations are filled with movement and fun in a joyous celebration of the natural world. Fleming created the illustrations by pouring colored pulp through hand-cut stencils.




    Owen by Kevin Henkes (Greenwillow)

    A preschooler mouse, Owen, and his concerned parents confront a classic childhood drama: releasing the trusty, fuzzy blanket. Confident economical line and inspired layout convey Owen's spirited tenacity as he dances toward greater independence.




    Raven: a Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest by Gerald McDermott (Harcourt)

    McDermott reshapes the familiar trickster tale from the Pacific Northwest in which Raven steals light from the Sky Chief and brings it to people. Raven's spirit world is boldly colored and hard-edged, a strong graphic contrast to the soft watercolor background of the real Northwest landscape.




    Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka / Edited by Richard Jackson (Greenwillow)

    Through bold, original use of line and angle, color and space, Raschka celebrates friendship and offers a timeless message about taking risks. The brief, rhythmic text invites enthusiastic sharing.





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