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  • 등록일 : 2018-03-09
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  • 2018 BolognaRagazzi Award



    Charles Dutertre

  • 글작가 알렉스 쿠소(Alex Cousseau)

  • 페이지 52

  • 출판사 Editions du Rouergue

  • 발행일 2017-10-11

    What the Jury said:

    Friendship between two men – a French airman and an American Indian – whose dreams and aspirations are closer than the geographical distance that separates them. For both, the blue desert of the ocean and the vast blue of the sky signify their common dream: to fly. A recurrent theme in children’s literature, aviation is here given a new narrative that weaves together real events in the story of man’s attempts to fly with a poetic homage to human affinity. While Europe, aptly overshadowed in black, is still enveloped in the First World War, America is depicted in traditional Native American colours. The illustrations are an arresting narrative in themselves, combining Bauhaus geometries with unexpected colour schemes and a meticulous array of textures that although reminiscent of Modernism, create their own visual universe: a world of aeroplanes and wild horses, of national frontiers that lie like scars on the land, but also of men who meet and recognize their mutual dreams without having to say a word.  


  • Dos Caminos

  • 그림작가 라울 구리디(Raúl Nieto Guridi)

  • 글작가 라울 구리디

  • 페이지 40

  • 출판사 Editorial Libre Albedrío

  • 발행일 2017-10-30

    What the Jury said:

    A sensitive tribute journeys, metaphors for life with its unforeseeable twists and bends, diversions and accelerations but especially the chance meetings along the way. Two characters travel different paths - strongly coloured lines against a light coloured background dotted with minimalist landscapes – until they meet on the same page. It is these meetings the book tells us that make life so extraordinary.


  • 그림작가 Hanna Konola

  • 글작가 Hanna Konola

  • 페이지 25

  • 출판사 etana editions

  • 발행일 2016-04-01

    What the Jury said:

    A rare visual poem to the wind and its many changes over the year. Acrobatic lines and playful forms dance through the pages in a harmonious mix of colours and succinct text to create a truly contemporary picturebook in praise of the wind.

  • Otto

  • 그림작가 Florie Saint-Val , Etienne Exbrayat

  • 글작가 Florie Saint-Val,Exbrayat

  • 페이지 36

  • 출판사 Editions MeMo

  • 발행일 2017-11-16

  • What the Jury said:

    The story of Otto the postman’s eventful journey to deliver a mysterious package takes place in a geometrical world where objects have a tendency to multiply. The playful coloured geometrical illustrations recalling squared-paper drawings are only seemingly naïve. The illustrator’s ingenious talent in overcoming this technical limitation is the major surprise of the book.


  • ZGUBIONA DUSZA (The Lost Soul)

  • 그림작가 요안나 콘세이요 (Joanna Concejo)

  • 글작가 Olga Tokarczuk

  • 페이지 48

  • 출판사 Format

  • 발행일 2018-01-01


     What the Jury said:

    The philosophical subject of this book - the whole question of the soul - is investigated through illustrations that exude a sense of peace and mindfulness. Artist Joanna Concejo depicts the melancholy and joy evoked by memory with fine lines and precise drawings.


  • Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper

  • 그림작가 Agrafka(아그라프카)

  • 글작가 Agrafka

  • 페이지 0

  • 출판사 Old Lion Publishing House

  • 발행일 2017-01-01

  • What the Jury said:
    Hearing and sight are the subjects of this pair of books by an artistic duo. Scientific information and philosophical questions are expertly woven into the illustrations and overall book design. Line and dot are skilfully combined to turn the senses of hearing and sight into signs depicting harmonies and disharmonies. The refined visual language is a sophisticated blend of infographics ranging from Braille to Kandinsky. The bold colours recall the first 4-colour printing techniques. The overall compositional excellence is exceptional, each page offering new shapes and unexpected details. A whole new way of providing scientific facts, this book will be a constant source of surprise to its readers.


  • Louis Pasteur : Enquêtes pour la science

  • 그림작가 Julien Billaudeau

  • 글작가 Florence Pinaud

  • 페이지 69

  • 출판사 Actes Sud Junior

  • 발행일 2017-11-22

  • What the Jury said:
    More than just a biography, this book offers readers an in-depth understanding of Pasteur’s scientific method, giving them an opportunity to explore our living world and the search for remedies to cure disease. The book’s ambitious aim is to give a clear and detailed account of the scientific work of a biologist - also a gifted artist - and the major breakthroughs he achieved for modern medicine. 

  • The Egg

  • 그림작가 브리타 테큰트럽(Britta Teckentrup)

  • 글작가 Britta Teckentrup

  • 페이지 96

  • 출판사 Prestel

  • 발행일 2017-04-03

    What the Jury said:
    This book is special for the way it presents a single non-fiction object: the egg. The enchanting illustrations examine the many types of egg – even a Fabergé egg - their different designs, colours, textures, environments and materials. Together with short, beautifully crafted texts, the reader is given a wealth of scientific and cultural information on the physical characteristics and symbolism of one of Nature’s most perfectly designed objects. 

  • Le Ruban(리본)

  • 그림작가 아드리앵 파를랑주(Adrien Parlange)

  • 글작가 아드리앵 파를랑주(Adrien Parla

  • 페이지 40

  • 출판사 Albin Michel

  • 발행일 2016-09-28

    What the Jury said:
    Here, the yellow ribbon bookmark plays a key role, transforming the illustrations and their meaning with each page. Whether the string of a balloon, a tightrope walker’s rope, a shoelace or the starting line of a race, the ribbon takes the reader through the book’s witty playful pages whose exquisite graphic design turns a 2D perception into a 3D experience.


  • La plage

  • 그림작가 Sol Undurraga

  • 글작가 Sol Undurraga

  • 페이지 0

  • 출판사 L Agrume

  • 발행일 2017-07-01

  • What the Jury said:
    This large-format picturebook by the young Chilean illustrator Sol Undurraga takes the reader into a visionary world with a series of pictures of a crowded beach at different times in the space of one day. Wholly unconventional in their use of a limited colour palette and soft background shades into which the figures merge, the illustrations combine the abstract and the concrete, referencing the works of Henri Matisse and sculptress and painter Niki de Saint Phalle. The author orchestrates a complex visual narrative, filling every inch of the page. The short text is a perfect counterpoint to the large captivating visual landscapes. Brimming with irony and minute detail, it is a world peopled by strange flying objects and imaginary bathers but also of ordinary men, women and children in swimsuits. The illustrator’s extraordinary artistic ability makes this book is a constant source of discovery.


  • 너는 누굴까

  • 그림작가 안효림

  • 글작가 안효림

  • 페이지 44

  • 출판사 반달(킨더랜드)

  • 발행일 2017-06-12

    What the Jury said:
    First one, then many small figures suspended against a refined white backdrop form a series of choreographic patterns. The reader is caught up in this swirling crescendo right to the end when she discovers that the dancing figures are drops of water. The exquisite illustration technique achieves its ambitious goal of creating a visual, poetic portrait of a fundamental natural element: rain.

  • The Book of Mistakes(아름다운 실수)

  • 그림작가 코리나 루이켄 (Corinna Luyken)

  • 글작가 코리나 루이켄 (Corinna Luyken)

  • 페이지 56

  • 출판사 Dial Books for Young Read

  • 발행일 2017-04-18

    What the Jury said:
    Like a child, the artist asks herself if she’s got her drawing right. She starts with one small line, then gradually corrects it, adding something more, making sense of a splotch or empty space until she ends up with a meaningful figure. Only apparently simple, every character is a joyful addition in this metatextual book about illustration whose image-based narrative investigates the process of artistic creation.

  • L'ascension de Saussure

  • 그림작가 Pierre Zenzius

  • 글작가 Pierre Zenzius

  • 페이지 40

  • 출판사 Editions du Rouergue

  • 발행일 2017-09-13

    What the Jury said:
    The true story of naturalist and geologist Horace Bénédict de Saussure, the 18th century founder of modern Alpinism, is told with spectacular double-spread illustrations of mountain landscapes. The tiny, minutely detailed figures of the mountaineering expedition in an immense natural landscape eloquently illustrate the concept of large and small but also man’s insatiable desire for knowledge and yearning for adventure.


  • 나무, 춤춘다

  • 그림작가 배유정

  • 글작가 배유정

  • 페이지 76

  • 출판사 반달(킨더랜드)

  • 발행일 2016-04-10

    What the Jury said:
    Everything about this wide-page, leporello picturebook is unusual. The apparently abstract painted shapes seem to spill over from one page to the next. What at first glance look like random spontaneous colours, on closer inspection take on different forms of life: animals, flowers, insects, fishes, liquid and organic forms, all part of the constant transformation that is life. Metaphysical yet realistic, natural yet symbolic, the book explores new horizons for picturebook art.


    Art-Architecture & Design WINNER

  • Cabanes

  • 그림작가 Aurélien Débat

  • 글작가 Aurélien Débat

  • 페이지 24

  • 출판사 Les Grandes Personnes

  • 발행일 2017-08-31

    What the Jury said
    Fifteen little pigs that come into being, not as shapes but as colours in the text. Strikingly unusual, the colours become volumes that meet, blend and interweave. This very special book by Aurélien Débat is about houses: some that are possible, others that aren’t. The reader is invited to play with basic building blocks of the places we live in, assemble his own shapes, invent stories and create new worlds to inhabit.  

    Art-Architecture & Design SPECIAL MENTIONS

  • 그림작가 정진호

  • 글작가 정진호

  • 페이지 44

  • 출판사 비룡소

  • 발행일 2016-06-02

    What the Jury said

    The writer tells the story of a child and his spatial relationship with the world around him, inviting him to explore it with confidence, moving in and out as if moving from one volume to the next. The book’s minimalist style invites us to look at a series of architectural shapes from the child’s perspective.

  • Haus

  • 그림작가 Johannes Vogt

  • 글작가 Felicitas Horstschäfer

  • 페이지 0

  • 출판사 Gerstenberg Verlag

  • 발행일 2015-02-01

    What the Jury said

    A book on architecture for very small children. With a sequence of primary geometrical shapes and sparing use of colour, the illustrator delights in embroidering houses to tell the young reader about far away places in our world but also beyond. Like good architecture, the book’s format is simple and indestructible.

  • My Museum

  • 그림작가 Joanne Liu

  • 글작가 Joanne Liu

  • 페이지 32

  • 출판사 Prestel

  • 발행일 2017-11-07

    What the Jury said

    A child enters a museum, curious, attentive, taking in everything around him: visitors, their appearance, the art collection, spaces, and people who work there. Looking at the artworks, he makes a game of linking what’s in the room to what he sees outside, mingling art and life. Highly expressive in its deliberate simplicity, this wordless book is strikingly eloquent in its choice of subject matter.

  • Wytwornik gora! (Mountains!)

  • 그림작가 마달레나 마토소(Madalena Matoso)

  • 글작가 마달레나 마토소(Madalena Matos

  • 페이지 24

  • 출판사 Wytworniki

  • 발행일 2014-01-01

    What the Jury said

    Every mountain has a different story to tell, or to finish telling. This book allows the reader to become the author. Part of a joint Portuguese-Polish project, Madalena Matoso lays the basis for a real art catalogue whose every page is a perfect ensemble of graphic art, colour and blank spaces.

    Books & Seeds WINNER

  • Le potager d'Alena(알레나의 채소밭)

  • 그림작가 소피 비시에르(Sophie Vissière)

  • 글작가

  • 페이지 50

  • 출판사 Helium

  • 발행일 2017-10-10

    What the Jury said:

    Time, patience, change, the Earth and its season, techniques, red and green, surprise and work. This picturebook takes a new, serene, fresh and contemporary look at everything that goes into cultivating a vegetable garden. Far from being nostalgic, it is an invitation to seek the satisfaction and peace that producing one’s own food can give.