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    ※ Medal Winner



    My Friend Rabbit illustrated and written by Eric Rohmann. (Roaring Brook Press/ Millbrook Press)
    In the book, Mouse shares his brand-new toy airplane with his friend Rabbit, and no one can predict the disastrous—but hilarious—results. When the airplane lands in a tree, the chaos only builds as Rabbit drags, pushes and carries the whole neighborhood, including Elephant, Hippo, and Crocodile, to the rescue. It’s a lighthearted celebration of a friendship that will last – even if whatever Rabbit does and wherever he goes, trouble follows.
    “Eric Rohmann’s hand-colored relief prints express a vibrant energy through solid black outlines, lightly textured backgrounds and a robust use of color,” said Pat Scales, chair of the 2003 Caldecott Award committee. “The black frame cannot contain Rabbit’s enthusiasm in this dramatic visual romp, as the characters tumble and spill from the page and back on again. The artist shows his respect for his audience and keen understanding of picture book design. Whatever they do and wherever they go, children will claim Rabbit as their friend.


    ※ Honor Books


    The Spider and the Fly  illustrated and written by Tony DiTerlizzi. (Simon & Schuster)

    DiTerlizzi’s wickedly delicious tribute to silent film – based on the cautionary tale penned by Mary Howitt in 1829 – presents an old-fashioned, cackling villain and a naïve damsel in distress in this ambient, moody picture book with all the allure of the flickering silver screen.


    Hondo & Fabian illustrated and written by Peter McCarty. (Henry Holt)

    “Hondo & Fabian” skillfully interweaves a beach outing for the dog and a full day at home for the cat in this quiet tale of friendship with spare text and soft, flowing illustrations.


    Noah's Ark illustrated and written by Jerry Pinkney. (Sea Star/North-South Books)

    In his strikingly beautiful rendition of Noah and the Great Flood, Pinkney has integrated the well-known story from Genesis with masterful pencil and watercolor illustration to create a stunning whole. 

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