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    ※ Medal Winner

    So You Want to be President? 
    illustrated by David Small. Text: Judith St. George (Philomel)

    In illustrations rendered in a harmonious mix of watercolor, ink, and pastel chalk, David Small employs wiry and expansive lines with an echo of political cartooning investing this personable history of the presidency with imaginative detail, wry humor, and refreshing dignity. 'Small's illustrations liberate the presidents from years of bulletin-board duty. He humanizes these oh-so-familiar icons with art that captures the spirit of the individual and collectively provides a genuinely enlightening overview of this unique American institution,' said Connie Rockman, chair of the Caldecott Award Selection Committee.



    ※ Honor Books



    Casey at the Bat , illustrated by Christopher Bing / Text: Ernest Lawrence Thayer (Handprint)

    The immortal ballad of Ernest Thayer finds new life through Christopher Bing's innovative treatment. Pen and ink scratchboard 'engravings' in late 19th-century style are seamlessly blended with memorabilia and trompe l'oeil recreations in an homage to the great American pastime. 'Using the latest technological applications, Bing has firmly placed Thayer's poem in its own historic era. Layering the illustrations with detailed contextual background and a confident, even cocky depiction of Casey, Bing brings the world of the Mudville Nine to life for a new generation,' said Rockman.


    Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type illustrated by Betsy Lewin. Text: Doreen Cronin (Simon & Schuster)

    Farm-smart cows recycle outdated technology, a manual typewriter, to improve barnyard conditions. Lewin's illustrations help tell this tongue-in-cheek story about bovine agitators locking horns with Farmer Brown in a battle of will and wit that results in a comically satisfying conclusion. 'Seemingly simple watercolors and fluid, confident black lines supported by careful color choices, dramatic shadows, and dynamic page design combine to create a lighthearted pictorial experience,' said Rockman. 'Every detail is just right and every page gives a new perspective on this novel situation.'


    Olivia by Ian Falconer (Atheneum)

    Olivia is an inquisitive, creative, confident piglet who is 'very good at wearing people out.' Falconer's illustrations bring to life this little piglet who dreams big dreams and keeps everyone busy. 'With the touch of a minimalist, Falconer has fully created an exuberant character using black lines, delicate charcoal shading, generous white space, and spots of brilliant red.' 

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