• Woodcutter"s Duck
  • 그림작가 Krystyna Turska
  • 글작가 Krystyna Turska
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 MacMillan Pub Co
  • 발행일 1972-01-01
  • 2021-04-12
  • Horses in Battle and Mishka
  • 그림작가 Victor G. Ambrus
  • 글작가 Victor G Ambrus
  • 페이지 40
  • 출판사 Oxford University Pr
  • 발행일 1975-01-01
  • 2021-04-12
  • The Post Office Cat
  • 그림작가 게일 헤일리(Gail E. Haley)
  • 글작가 Haley
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 Egmont
  • 발행일 1979-03-22
  • 2021-04-08
  • Mister Magnolia(Reprint edition)
  • 그림작가 퀜틴 블레이크 ( Quentin Blake)
  • 글작가 Quentin Blake
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 Red Fox
  • 발행일 2010-07-09
  • Chosen as one of the top 10 Greenaway Medal winners of all time, this is a classic, exuberant, rhyming picture book from the much-loved Quentin Blake Mr. Magnolia has only one boot. He has an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot— And two lovely sisters who play on the flute— But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot. In this wittily rhyming picture book, Mr. Magnolia has a full and happy life except for one serious omission—a boot. But one day, he receives a mysterious parcel, and at last Mr. Magnolia can splash in the puddles with everyone else.
  • 2021-04-08
  • Crafty Chameleon
  • 그림작가 Adrienne Kennaway
  • 글작가 Mwenye Hadithi
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 Hachette
  • 발행일 1988-12-01
  • Tormented every morning by leopard and bullied by crocodile, the clever little chameleon decides to play a trick on them. He manages to get the better of his two oppressors without them even knowing how he did it! This is the story of why Crafty Chameleon changes colour and hides when he hears you coming.
  • 2021-04-07
  • War Boy: a Country Childhood
  • 그림작가 Michael Foreman
  • 글작가 Michael Foreman
  • 페이지 96
  • 출판사 Pavilion Children
  • 발행일 2006-10-01
  • A special new edition of Michael Foreman's award-winning memoirs about his wartime childhood. 'I woke up when the bomb came through the roof. It came through at an angle, overflew my bed by inches, bounced up over my mother's bed, hit the mirror, dropped into the grate and exploded up the chimney.' The Second World War is an exciting time for a young boy growing up in a small town in Suffolk - sometimes far too exciting! Life during wartime is vividly brought to life in this personal story filled with childhood memories - from hiding in air-raid shelters to playing in the bombed-out ruins and the arrival of American soldiers. War Boy is a modern classic that combines a touching personal story with factual information and wonderful illustrations. Also available in paperback: War Boy (9781843650874), War Game (9781843650898), After the War Was Over (9781843650881), Farm Boy (9781843650904) and Billy the Kid (9781844583669).
  • 2021-04-05
  • Way Home
  • 그림작가 Gregory Rogers
  • 글작가 Gregory Rogers
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 Andersen Press
  • 발행일 2003-01-23
  • It's night and the dark is filled with strange sounds as Shane makes his way home. On a fence he finds a stray cat that at first growls and spits at him. But Shane talks and strokes the kitten to calmness, and decides to take the 'Spitfire, Kitten Number One,' home with him. No gang of boys, or avenue of dense traffic, or fierce dog can stop Shane carrying his new found friend to the place he calls home. Greg Rogers' sensitive use of charcoal and pastel create Shane and his cat in splendid city-at-night time scenes.
  • 2021-04-05
  • Pirate Diary
  • 그림작가 크리스 리들 (Chris Riddell)
  • 글작가 Richard Platt
  • 페이지 128
  • 출판사 Candlewick Press
  • 발행일 2014-04-22
  • Curious about life on a pirate ship? Climb aboard this account of adventure on the high seas as told by a feisty nine-year-old carpenter's apprentice, circa 1716. Curious about life on a pirate ship? Climb aboard this account of adventure on the high seas as told by a feisty nine-year-old carpenter's apprentice, circa 1716. Historically accurate illustrations of ship and crew, a map of Jake's travels, and a detailed glossary and index vividly reveal the fascinating — and harsh — life of a pirate in the eighteenth century. Ships ahoy!
  • 2021-03-24
  • Jethro Byrde Fairy Child
  • 그림작가 밥 그레이험(Bob Graham)
  • 글작가 Bob Graham
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 Gardners Books
  • 발행일 2002-06-30
  • Annabelle's dad says she'll never find fairies in cement and weeds, but Annabelle disagrees. He finds a tiny fairy family who are on their way to the Fairy Traveller's Picnic and have landed their van next to Annabelle's block of flats. Together, Annabelle and the family spend a magical afternoon. Bob Graham is Australian. Ages 3+.
  • 2021-03-24
  • Ella’s Big Chance
  • 그림작가 셜리 휴즈(Shirley Hughes)
  • 글작가 Shirley Hughes
  • 페이지 48
  • 출판사 Simon and Schuster
  • 발행일 2004-10-01
  • The classic story of Cinderella gains even more charm in this glamorous retelling by world-famous picture book writer and illustrator Shirley Hughes. Ella Cinders loves helping her father in his dress shop and laughing with her friend Buttons, the store's delivery boy. Then comes the terrible day when her father remarries and everything changes. Her stepmother makes her sew in the dreary basement. Her stepsisters mock her shabby dress. And to top it off, the new Mrs. Cinders forbids Ella to attend the duke's grand ball. Heartbroken, Ella is sure that her life will never be what she dreamed. But with the help of a fairy godmother and some sparkling courage of her own, this Cinderella discovers that dreams can come true in the most unexpected of ways. Join Ella amidst the dazzle and fashion of the roaring twenties as she takes happily ever after into her own hands!
  • 2021-03-22